We design c rail tracks & trolleys for various industrial and common uses, such as construction, maintenance, and precision lifting. ISI standards manufacture all our products. As a leading c rail tracks & trolley Manufacturers in Mumbai and a customer-focused company, we customize our products to meet the needs of our clients.

With our extensive industry experience, we evolved as a leading c-rail track & trolley exporters in Mumbaiand supply a wide range of inventively designed c-rail cable trolley. The products in this line are precisely created utilising high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. Perfect finish, solid construction, correct dimension, and durability are some of the distinguishing attributes of our machineries. We supply c-rail system with a variety of specifications to our clients at reasonable costs.

c rail tracks & trolley is commonly used for sliding heavy doors / gates in factories c rail tracks with trolley used in material handling, drilling rigs, and mobile cranes. Features like better logistical support, simple and easy operation, high-capacity holding is quite advantageous. Before delivering the trolleys, our quality controllers put them through rigorous testing to ensure trouble-free operation and longer service life.

Industrial trolleys are utilized in a wide range of industrial applications, and we are leading c rail tracks & trolley exporters in Mumbai. As a leading c-rail track & trolley suppliers in Mumbai, we also have a solution for exceedingly corrosive settings. Our product line comprises versatile systems that are non-rusting, acid-proof, and seawater-resistant and accessories for various cable management systems.

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We are one of the leading c-rail tracks and trolley manufacturers in Mumbai . they are widely used for many industrial purposes such as suspension of spring balancers or Chain / Electric hoist. The C-rail track & trolley is prominently used for the safe and efficient management of high current carrying cables in EOT cranes, hoists, and other industrial mobile equipment. The systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These trolleys are widely used for round cables as well as flat cables . and the tracks can also be used for sliding heavy doors / gates in factories.We provides sizes ranges from of 50mm to 305mm

Most of the c-rail trolley exporter in Mumbai provide a well-designed c-rail track that lets small trolleys move freely inside the C track while conveying. This cable management system enables the operator to shift the cables from one end of the C track to the other, similar to how we move curtains in our homes. This improves the whole product's strength, dependability, and performance.

The C-rail system is beneficial in electrifying several types of mobile equipment. C-rail track & trolley manufacturers in Mumbai supply products that precisely support and protect flat and round electrical cables and air and water hoses. Overhead cranes, port cranes, waste cranes, and other material handling applications commonly use c-rail systems. This technique can also be used to electrify moving machinery.

Chain pulley block exporter in mumbai provide various pulley, hand chain operated, geared, and motorised; all these product ranges can be used for multiple industrial uses and functions. It has a wide range of applications because of its versatile design, which may be used in various product configurations. They can be made to meet any requirement by reducing loading and adjusting time frames. With sizes ranging from 50mm to 305mm, they can be used in various areas and flange widths to meet your operational needs.

These trolleys help to speed up the loading process. Along with hoists, these have been shown to perform in the most demanding and harsh environments. There are three different versions of our chain pulley block with trolley.

Chain pulley block is quite helpful when mobility is required. This can handle a variety of capacities depending on the industry's needs. These pulley blocks have hardened, heat-treated steel wheels that provide consistent tracking. Ball bearings are maintenance-free since they are sealed. They are exceptionally efficient and user-friendly. These have a lot of precision and may be used in a lot of different situations.

These are compatible with the electric chain hoist series and come in a variety of capacities. Higher capacity might be requested if necessary. This is especially useful for lifting delicate loads that necessitate flawless start and stop operations.

A chain pulley block is a piece of lifting equipment with a chain and hook that is suspended (typically from a beam via a trolley). The hook secures the object to be hoisted, while the chain raises the hook and the weight attached to a sufficient height. Manual chain hoists require the user to pull one end of the chain to lift the load, but electric chain hoists merely require the user to push a button (up or down) to activate a motor that will raise the load (providing it does not exceed the safe working load). Most chain hoists come with a hook or trolley, which can be used to suspend them in various ways.

  • Sturdy design for maximum strength.
  • The chain pulley block is tested at 125 percent overload.
  • A sufficient amount of lubrication is enclosed inside the gear case.
  • All Safe Chain Pulley Blocks come with test certification.