We are a top Push Pull Trolley Manufacturers in Mumbai, and our staff members are fully skilled and dedicated specialists in their professions. Our engineers and technicians work hard to make the most of their abilities. We are well-versed in the most recent technology as well as the complicated machinery used in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, our team receives regular training and industry updates to keep them informed on changing market trends.

Hendo Push Pull Trolley has been designed specially to used along with spring balancers in weld shop of Automobiles and their ancillary units on standard l-Beam Sizes (150 x 75) or (200 x 100) or (125 x 65) or (400 x 200) for 3 Dimensional movement on X-Y-Z axes. with Capicity rang from 125kgs to 1000kgs

Push Pull trolleys are widely used for drilling rigs, material handling, and in mobile cranes. push poll trolley are are available in 5 models for suspending TRANSFORMER, WELDING GUN and KICKLESS CABLE & SPRING BALANCERS.Our quality controllers conduct stringent tests before dispatching thee trolleys

Our primary goal as a firm is to supply high-quality products and equipment, thus we never compromise on quality. Our quality testers assess our goods based on a number of criteria to guarantee that they are completely defect-free. As a leading I Beam Trolley Exporter, we adhere to the ISI standard and are well-known for their excellent quality. As a result, the tools are excellent for use in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, even in the most demanding and difficult situations. Because of their outstanding performance, these goods are used by a large number of our clients in a variety of industrial sectors.

Automobiles, Machine Tools / Hand Tools, Heavy Fabrication Sector, Transformers Manufacture and Maintenances, Oil Industry, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Chemical Plants, General Engineering Industry, Special Vehicle Manufacturers, 2 Wheeler & 4 Wheeler Garage Workshop are just a few of the industries that use I beam trolleys.

Drilling rigs, material handling, and mobile cranes are the most common applications for push-pull trolleys. Our quality controllers rigorously test the trolleys prior to delivery to ensure trouble-free functioning and a longer service life.

  • Optimized friction rollers
  • Corrosion-free structure
  • Excellent finish and strength

When utilised properly and according to the design, Push-Pull Trolley from I beam trolley Exporter in Mumbai provides a buffer zone of safety where employees may steer, move, and identify hanging goods while avoiding crush points and pinch points. Furthermore, the tool enables operators to decrease risk by equipping and training employees to avoid operating in potentially hazardous vicinity to hazardous hanging loads.

Here are some of the unique qualities of the I beam trolley that make it appropriate for a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Load is evenly distributed across all wheels.
  • Trolley wheels are precision-machined on roller bearings to reduce frictional load, resulting in little effort for the operation.
  • Adjustable in nature to fit the I-Beam.
  • For maximum endurance and the least amount of friction, the load is evenly distributed over all four wheels.
  • Interchangeable spare

Our dedication to our work has led to our company expanding from manufacturing and supplying to trading and being a well-known I beam trolley exporter in Mumbai. One of our most important items is the Push-Pull Trolley. Because of our high-quality products and services, many of our customers prefer us. We are principally concerned with the design and production of pollution control equipment.

Because of our commitment to quality, we are a trusted source of industrial accessories and services all over the world. Our Quality Control team ensures that the raw materials are of the highest quality and that the finished items meet international standards. The goods are put through their paces at our quality control centre before they are issued to the market.

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HOT 0786 / 01

ModelHOT - 0786/01
Minimum redius for curve1500 mm
Available beam150 x 75 x 5.5 mm
spring balancer
spring balancer

HOT 0786 / 02

ModelHOT - 0786/02
Minimum redius for curve1000 mm
Available beam75 x 150 x 5.5 mm
Mass6.5 kgs
spring balancer
spring balancer

HOT 0786 / 03

ModelHOT - 0786/03
Minimum redius for curve1000 mm
Available beam150 x 75 x 5.5 mm
Mass6 kgs
spring balancer
spring balancer

HOT 0786 / 04

ModelHOT - 0786/04
Minimum redius for curve300 mm
Available beam125 x 65 x 5.0 mm
Mass2.5 kgs
spring balancer
spring balancer

HOT 0786 / 05

ModelHOT - 0786/05
Capicity150 kgs
Minimum redius for curve500 mm
Available beam55 mm x 70 mm
Mass1.5 kgs
spring balancer
spring balancer