"Enhance Efficiency with Precision I-Beam Trolley Systems"

At Hendo Industries, we take pride in offering state-of-the-art I-Beam Trolley systems designed to revolutionize material handling in industrial settings. Our precision-engineered trolley systems are crafted for durability, reliability, and optimal efficiency.

Key Features of Our I-Beam Trolley Systems

Precision Engineering: Our I-Beam Trolley systems are meticulously designed for precision handling, ensuring smooth and efficient material transport.
Durability and Reliability: Built with high-quality materials, our trolleys are robust and reliable, providing long-term solutions for your material handling needs.
Adaptable Design: The adaptable design of our I-Beam Trolleys allows for easy integration into various industrial setups, providing flexibility in your operations.
Seamless Installation: Hendo Industries' I-Beam Trolley systems are designed for quick and hassle-free installation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
Optimized Efficiency: Experience enhanced efficiency in material handling processes, thanks to our precision-engineered I-Beam Trolley systems.

Our primary goal as a firm is to supply high-quality products and equipment, thus we never compromise on quality. Our quality testers assess our goods based on a number of criteria to guarantee that they are completely defect-free. As a leading I Beam Trolley Exporter, we adhere to the ISI standard and are well-known for their excellent quality. As a result, the tools are excellent for use in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, even in the most demanding and difficult situations. Because of their outstanding performance, these goods are used by a large number of our clients in a variety of industrial sectors. Automobiles, Machine Tools / Hand Tools, Heavy Fabrication Sector, Transformers Manufacture and Maintenances, Oil Industry, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Chemical Plants, General Engineering Industry, Special Vehicle Manufacturers, 2 Wheeler & 4 Wheeler Garage Workshop are just a few of the industries that use I beam trolleys. Drilling rigs, material handling, and mobile cranes are the most common applications for push-pull trolleys. Our quality controllers rigorously test the trolleys prior to delivery to ensure trouble-free functioning and a longer service life.

HOT 0786 / 01

ModelHOT - 0786/01
Minimum redius for curve1500 mm
Available beam150 x 75 x 5.5 mm
spring balancer
spring balancer

HOT 0786 / 02

ModelHOT - 0786/02
Minimum redius for curve1000 mm
Available beam75 x 150 x 5.5 mm
Mass6.5 kgs
spring balancer
spring balancer

HOT 0786 / 03

ModelHOT - 0786/03
Minimum redius for curve1000 mm
Available beam150 x 75 x 5.5 mm
Mass6 kgs
spring balancer
spring balancer

HOT 0786 / 04

ModelHOT - 0786/04
Minimum redius for curve300 mm
Available beam125 x 65 x 5.0 mm
Mass2.5 kgs
spring balancer
spring balancer

HOT 0786 / 05

ModelHOT - 0786/05
Capicity150 kgs
Minimum redius for curve500 mm
Available beam55 mm x 70 mm
Mass1.5 kgs
spring balancer
spring balancer