Hendo Industries are a leading Long Stroke Spring Balancers Manufacturers in Mumbai. A long stroke spring balancer is a device that allows machinery and equipment to be suspended. Due to the tapered drum, the tension is maintained even when the cable is pulled out or retrieved. As a result, spring balancers retain tools suspended in hollows and allow for flexible tool positioning. Workers will be able to work in a more pleasant and fatigue-free environment.

Spring balancers, also known as load balancers or tool balancers, are an ergonomic approach to negate the tool or equipment weight, thus minimizing the burden of the operator performing a tedious task in the industry or production environment. Long Stroke Spring Balancers Exporter in Mumbai offers products that are made for applications with high ceilings. They provide accurate "zero gravity" tool gripping that is free of drift and strain. The cable travels smoothly throughout the stroke thanks to the tapered drums and high-quality springs and bearings.

Long Stroke Spring Balancers Features

● Adjusting the tension is precise and straightforward.

● It is a widely used spring balancer type

● Can suspend electrical devices, jigs, tools, and materials for processed goods

● Operations are centred—a device for balancing various types of equipment.

These tests are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced quality inspectors in strict accordance with relevant industry standards.

We are also a leading manufacturer and supplier of Long Stroke Spring Balancers, which are ideal for applications with high ceilings. When the spring tension is adjusted properly, the tools become nearly weightless in the operator's hands and may be carried up and down with minimal effort. They provide real "zero gravity" tool gripping that is free of drift and strain. The cable travels smoothly throughout the stroke thanks to the tapered drums and high-quality springs and bearings. Adjusting the tension is simple and precise.

Both the manual drum with safety locks and automatic brake are available on the product. An automatic centrifugal brake activates and locks in the case that a spring breaks, avoiding damage to the tool. The drum would not rotate if the manual lock is set. This makes tool replacement and maintenance a breeze.

Long-stroke spring balancers from Long Stroke Spring Balancers Suppliers in Mumbai are designed to take the weight of hand tools off the operator's shoulders. The device can be drawn down with the least force, resulting in minor strain or tiredness.

Being a leading Long Stroke Spring Balancers manufacturers, our equipment is manufactured by an expert team of skilled technicians who use high-quality materials and adhere to industry standards. Long-stroke spring balancers are available at market-leading costs, and our product is renowned among our clients for its long operational life and low maintenance requirements. It is primarily utilized in the automotive engine assembly line to suspend pneumatic tools and spot welding guns. Spring balancers from Long Stroke Spring Balancers Suppliers offer a small design that meets international standards. To alleviate fatigue among operators. Long-stroke spring balancers are small, light, and made of high-grade aluminium castings. They have a built-in safety locking device to prevent accidents caused by spring Failure. Provision Top hooks are forged to allow for 360° rotation. The availability of a containerized mainspring reduces the need for maintenance staff to handle potentially hazardous springs.

Long Stroke Spring Balancers Exporter offer spring balancers that use a spring and a tapered drum pulley to maintain constant tension on the wire rope. The spring balancer's basic function is to provide equipment with wire rope tension equal to the weight of the suspended tools or equipment. The operator has the freedom to relocate the tool and equipment while remaining comfortable and fatigue-free.

Labour-saving: It is spiral-shaped, with small to large spiral diameters arranged in a spiral pattern. It outputs the tension balanced with the checking force of weak to solid spring tension to give consistent suspension force that allows the operator to carry out the activity without being burdened.

Productive: Our solutions allow the user to effortlessly drag the tool to the desired location and stop at a more convenient access point, resulting in a smoother and more efficient operation.

Efficient: Because our operator can easily manage the tool, he can avoid wasting time and labour by lowering and picking up the device while taking the object simultaneously.

Cost-effective : Hendo Spring balancers are more cost-effective since they are more durable and require less maintenance. As a result, the risk of loss owing to the suspended tool colliding and falling is significantly reduced.

High Quality : Our Long Stroke Spring Balancer is made of high-quality spring material that is sturdy, smooth, and long-lasting in industrial applications.

Increases Productivity

Balancers maintain tools poised for action while reducing the number of actions required to move them from work positions to rest or vice-versa

Extend Tool Life

Balancers reduce damage from dropping by eliminating pick-up and laying down wear.

Reduces Operator Fatigue

The heaviest tool becomes as light as a feather with the help of a Balancer. Instead of assisting, the operator's effort can be focused on controlling the tool.

Increases Safety

The balancer's smooth and effortless motion boosts efficiency.

Effective Use of Space

The production runs smoothly, even though the working space is heavily used and needs to be cleaned.

In the end, the long-stroke spring balancer that is best for your company is determined by the requirements of your tools and workstations.

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spring balancer
spring balancer
spring balancer
Technical Specifications
Model NoCapacity (kgs)Cable travel (mtrs.)Diameter of Cable (@ mm)Mass (kgs)
HLSB-31.0 - 3.01.5
2.5 mm1.4
HLSB-52.5 - 5.01.5
2.5 mm1.5
HLSB-74.7 - 7.01.5
2.5 mm1.5
HLSB-7050 - 702.55.0 mm20
HSB-9075 - 902.55.0 mm22
HSB-11090 - 1102.55.0 mm25
HSB-120105 - 1202.55.0 mm25
HSB-140120 - 1402.55.0 mm27