"Unlocking Efficiency: Hendo Industries Long Stroke Spring Balancers for Versatile Lifting Solutions"

A Long Stroke Spring Balancer is a mechanical device designed to assist in lifting and supporting loads, much like a standard spring balancer. However, long stroke spring balancers are specifically engineered to provide a longer vertical travel distance, making them suitable for applications where a greater range of motion is required.

Key Features of Hendo Industries"Long Stroke Spring Balancer":

Extended Stroke Length:

Provides an extended stroke length, allowing for a more significant vertical travel distance compared to standard spring balancers.

Versatile Load Capacity:

Available in various load capacities to accommodate a wide range of loads, making them versatile for different industrial applications.

Dual Cable Design:

Incorporates a dual cable design to ensure stability and even load distribution during the entire stroke length.

Adjustable Tension:

Equipped with adjustable tension settings, enabling users to customize the lifting force according to the specific weight of the load.

Robust Construction:

Built with durable materials to withstand the demands of industrial environments and provide long-lasting performance.

Enhanced Ergonomics:

Designed with ergonomic considerations to reduce operator fatigue and improve overall workplace comfort during extended lifting tasks.

Safety Mechanisms:

Integrates safety features such as automatic braking systems to prevent sudden drops and ensure a secure lifting process.

Flexible Mounting Options:

Offers flexibility in mounting options, allowing users to adapt the long stroke spring balancer to different workspaces and configurations.

Low Friction Cable System

Utilizes a low-friction cable system to minimize wear and tear, contributing to the longevity of the spring balancer.

Benefits of Hendo Industries' Long Stroke Spring Balancer :

Extended Reach:

Ideal for applications where a longer reach or stroke length is necessary, providing versatility in lifting and positioning tasks.

Reduced Operator Strain:

Helps reduce physical strain on operators by providing mechanical assistance over an extended range of motion.

Improved Productivity:

Contributes to enhanced workplace productivity by streamlining lifting processes and allowing for efficient handling of loads with a larger vertical travel distance.

Adaptable to Various Industries:

Suited for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, assembly lines, and maintenance, where extended stroke lengths are beneficial.

Increased Safety Standards:

Complies with stringent safety standards, ensuring a secure and reliable lifting solution for diverse industrial settings.

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spring balancer
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Technical Specifications
Model NoCapacity (kgs)Cable travel (mtrs.)Diameter of Cable (@ mm)Mass (kgs)
HLSB-31.0 - 3.01.5
2.5 mm1.4
HLSB-52.5 - 5.01.5
2.5 mm1.5
HLSB-74.7 - 7.01.5
2.5 mm1.5
HLSB-7050 - 702.55.0 mm20
HSB-9075 - 902.55.0 mm22
HSB-11090 - 1102.55.0 mm25
HSB-120105 - 1202.55.0 mm25
HSB-140120 - 1402.55.0 mm27